I have chosen the following 7 exceptional Brussels' locations to organize your events; each one with its own particular appeal. I will of course take you there, so that you can discover the locations, at a time and date that is most convenient for you.
Cercle de Lorraine   http://cerclelorraine.com
Théâtre Vaudeville   www.chouxdebruxelles.be

Listed as a historic building, the Vaudeville has nothing to prove when it comes to its nobility. This majestic location, dating from the 19th century, easily takes you back to an atmosphere of days gone by, in the heart of Brussels, barely 150 m from the Grand Place. It was once a meeting place for the Brussels' intelligentsia and has managed to graciously swim through the many époques and seduce the haute bourgeoisie with its grace and classicism. Situated within the Royal galleries, which has always been a place of spending and flaunting, it has been imbued with the spirit of our age. The recent restoration has not robbed the Vaudeville of its former glory.
L'Arsenal   www.chouxdebruxelles.be

L'Arsenal is a garrison, dating from the beginning of last century, with monumental proportions commanding respect from all those who enter it. Little by little, the imagination delights in the paces of the infantry and cavalry of yesteryear… L'Arsenal is spacious and refined and is best suited for grand events. Restored with the utmost respect for its original materials, the red brick walls and zinc structure present a subtle and elegant mixture of materials and colours. Natural daylight penetrates the building through the glass roof that covers the entire roof's surface.
La Maison Grand-Place   www.chouxdebruxelles.be
Le Châlet Robinson   www.chouxdebruxelles.be
B19   www.b19.be
L'Atelier d'Isabelle de Borchgrave